Intel Will Debut Malware Fighting Technology In Tiger Lake Mobile CPUs

Intel is baking new anti-malware protections into its most recent mobile CPUs, in addition to upcoming server and desktop platforms.

How it has protection is a nice bonus on top of all that.

Intel says it’s been operating on CET because 2016, as it initially revealed official specifications So that Microsoft and other parties could have time to adopt it in software.

CET brings to the table new capabilities called Indirect Branch Tracking and Shadow Stack.

Malicious actors often use Call Oriented Programming (COP), Jump Oriented Programming (JOP), or Return Oriented Programming (ROP) to bypass standard anti-viral protection.

Shadow Stack enables the state machine of the CET block and to detect Efforts between the speech of their shadow and the attacked application from a malicious program by flagging mismatches.

The Timing Couldn’t be better, since vulnerabilities at Intel CPUs keep making news since Meltdown and Spectre struck them in ancient 2018.

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