HTC Phones Have Officially Made It Into The 5G Era

The ailing branch of HTC has unveiled a set including the company 5G mobile phone.

The HTC U20 5G and HTC Want 20 Guru is coming into the Taiwanese marketplace.

The telephone will be available to preorder in Taiwan to get NT$18,990 (approximately $640) beginning on July 1st.

The HTC Desire 20 Guru is now a version With no 5G support.

There is the same-sized 5,000mAh battery, nevertheless, and you also receive a 3.5millimeter headphone jack, unlike the U20 5G.

The Wish 20 Pro will start in Taiwan to get NT$8,990 (approximately $300) on June 18th.

It is no secret that the smartphone branch of HTC is not what it once was.

In case its ever-declining earnings are not anything to go by, the problem has not improved since.

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