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Intel Latest RealSense Depth Camera Has Twice The Range Of Previous Models

By David Carlson / June 25, 2020

Intel’s RealSense depth cameras also have had significant applications in the field of robotics, giving machines 3D vision and assisting robots in navigating without the need for GPS. The business has unveiled a new model the D455  which comes with a more extended range and increased precision that’s twice that of previous generations, today. The […]


WhatsApp Launches In App Digital Payments Service

By David Carlson / June 23, 2020

The Facebook-owned firm has unveiled in-app digital payments, although we seen that WhatsApp is working on a number of attributes for the messenger. The movement has been confirmed in a formal WhatsApp blog article , With support for payments that are in-app that can use Facebook Pay to take care of payments between even businesses […]


Microsoft Will Bring New Edge Browser In Windows 10 Update

By David Carlson / June 20, 2020

Microsoft is planning to build its This year, edge browser to Windows 10. The new browser has been available but it hasn’t yet been assembled into Windows 10 itself. That will change with an upgrade later this year, named 20H2. Microsoft has started testing that this 20H2 update with Windows Insider’s now, and the firm […]


Google Meet Coming In Gmail For Mobile As A Giant New Tab

By David Carlson / June 17, 2020

Google is currently taking yet Another step toward Its integration that is Meet Now, bringing the videoconferencing service to get Android and iOS into Gmail. Gmail users will not want the committed Google Meet program to combine meetings, and Google has chosen to add Meet as a large, and different, tab in the base of […]