Apple Pay And the App Store Are Under EU Antitrust Investigation

The European Commission has Established two Different investigations into Apple, focused on the App Shop and Apple Pay.

In a media release, the Commission declared a complaint filed by Spotify over a year past.

To maintain our cost competitive for our clients, that is not something we could do.

It’s potential for Spotify users to update their accounts.

Apple also regularly blocks our experience-enhancing updates.

The Commission said it had finished a preliminary evaluation And discovered concerns that discouraged competition against Apple’s services.

After a preliminary evaluation Has concerns the problem is stifling competition and decreasing consumer decision onto the stage.

Vestager noted that payments will grow further as taxpayers look to minimize contact using save clerks and cash.

I’ve therefore decided to have a good look at Apple’s practices regarding Apple Pay and also their effects on competition.

Apple is not Happy with the Commission’s decision to start investigations that are double.

We welcome The chance to reveal the European Commission This target a reality.

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